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Our Classes

Our Classes

Ashtanga Mysore

Our signature class, learn how to move with the rhythm of your own breath.  In our mysore style class you learn traditional Ashtanga Yoga at your own pace, empowering you to embody your very own yoga practice. 

Ashtanga Foundations

A class focusing on the foundations of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series,.   This class will help you build strength while helping your body to open up and connect you to your breath.

Yin Yoga

A perfect class to end your week with, poses are held long enough to allow your body to release and relax into them, soothing the nervous system and quietening the mind.

Slow Flow

A slow, deep exploration of  breath and movement designed to help you wind down from the day and connect to yourself. 

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Our classes are taught by highly experienced teachers, who understand that each individual has unique physical characteristcs that are taken into consideration throughout our classes.  Our aim is to help you uncover a more easeful, less stressed and powerful version of you.

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Freeman

Michelle Freeman

Studio Owner - Yoga Teacher - Ashtanga, Yin, Flow, Privates

I invite you back home to yourself. My teachings span 20 years of commited yoga, meditation and breathwork practice and study of the physical, the energetic and the spiritual.  My deep wish is for you to feel at home in your body and I teach classes from this place of compassion, heart and courage to move through any challenge together.

I’m currently studying exercise physiology and bring this knowledge into my classes with an understanding of how to nurture and create positive change in the body.  This nuts and bolts approach is coupled with a wholistic approach of nurtuing the heart and focusing the mind.   It’s through these avenues, mind, body and heart that lasting change results.


Student Testimonials


“the caring…the sharing…the experience…the personable feeling…the welcoming… the dedicated space…the teachers 💓💓💓”  Michelle, NYC student


“Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor and her personal touches to this Centre have really made this a beautiful space to practice in! If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and are interested in trying out yoga, or already have a practice, I highly recommend this place.” Gabrielle, NYC student


Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday. It was so good experience such a calming and different environment. Driving home I had an unusual sense of wellbeing which I have never experienced before. It had nothing to do with my outlook on life, it was something that emanated and spread from inside out. I would love to do that again if you organise another one. Many thanks for a wonderful and fulfilling experience.”  Hedley, Retreat Participant


“Michelle’s classes are so caring and warm.  When I first began, I was nervous about the class because I’ve had a few injuries I’m managing, but she was able to help me find my way and the classes are throughly enjoyable.”  Melissa, NYC student 


Excellent space, timing is perfect for me as it’s the end of the day. Looking forward to the next session Aummm.”  Leigh, NYC student