Our Ethos

Yoga steeped in tradition, with a modern approach

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves

— Nisargadatta Maharaj

We feel passionetly about teaching yoga in it’s purest form, from a place of devotion and heart, and with a nod of respect to the tradition and the traditional peoples where the practice originates from.

Our classes are primarily based around traditional Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore Method) and Flow based classes built around the power of the breath.  We have a modern approach to all our classes and believe variety brings balance to the individual which is why you can find everything from slow flow yoga, a more gentle class and yin yoga on our time table, to the timeless Ashtanga yoga practice.

We recommend beginners start by getting in touch with us first to see what class maybe best for you and to be best prepared for class.  You can also click HERE to read about starting out with us.


The divine is within You

Perception is everything.   How we see the world has been filtered through every past experience, every happy memory, every regret, disappointment, trauma of some kind, our up bringing, the culture we are raised in, ect.  We can liken our perception to a mirror.  When the mirror is fogged up or marked, the image reflected back to us changes and is not actually a true representation of what is reality.

Yoga is similar to the concept of cleaning the mirror so our reflection is clear and true.  We recommend practicing daily, similar to brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  Through a regular, consistent yoga practice, we slowly work through the fogginess or residue that our bodies and minds collect through living daily.  Like dust that collects in a corner that’s left un touched for awhile, our bodies need regular care and stimulation to cleanse and purify our home that we live in, which is our body.

Every time we step on the mat, we begin again, each day different, each practice different, even though, we return to familiar places again and again, what we find there, is never the same.

Michelle Freeman

Studio Owner and Asthanga Yoga Teacher



Opening Mantra Ashtanga Yoga

I bow at the lotus feet of the Guru
and behold the awakened joy of my own soul
the ultimate refuge, the jungle doctor
pacifying the poisonous delusion of repetitive existence.

I bow to Patanjali who has assumed the form of a brilliantly
luminous man with thousands of snakeheads and
who bears a conch, discus and a sword

Closing Mantra Ashtanga Yoga

May all be well with mankind.
May the leaders of the earth protect it and all beings by keeping the right path.
May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred.
May all the world be happy.
Om peace peace peace